Luxemburg, Rote Brücke

Frühjahrsseminar 2021

EUROPE AFTER COVID. Smashing the “normal” – old, new or otherwise – by all means necessary

10.-14. March 2021, digital

Let’s start re-shaping Europe. It’s time.

The COVID-19 pandemic is deepening the already virulent crisis for European democracies and the livelihoods of all peoples worldwide. The virus strikes a European society that is already ill from the increasing drifting apart of people and states and the abandonment of a concept of society based on solidarity: A political shift to the right increasingly threatening the life of minorities in Europe, anti-Semitism, racism, antifeminism, anti-science, increasing restrictions of civil society freedoms in individual EU countries, a rise of gender inequality, devastating attacks on reproductive rights, pluralism incompetence, the spread of conspiracy myths, increasing poverty levels and economic inequality, European values ending at the barbed wire of the EU’s external borders.

The Corona pandemic has taught us: Everything is worse now. When if not now is the moment to take a step back and address the changes we desperately need and want for a post-COVID-era in Europe and beyond?

Although the need for proactive and sustained steps towards a more just society are as urgent as ever, progressive forces are currently in retreat. Dialogueperspectives has, over the last few years, developed into an important site of dialogue at the confluence of religions, worldviews, and societal questions. And to a site of disruption.

Our participants use their diversity, multiplicity of voices, perspectives and expertise located all over Europe as a resource: for society and to bring about change.

What is the role of our interfaith/worldview dialogue in the struggle for a shared idea and a common vision for a post-COVID Europe that is based on pluralistic coalitions, solidarity and care?

Our digital Spring Seminar @DialoguePerspectives will address and pursue answers to these pressing questions arising from our current crisis. Together, we will develop ideas and concepts of a European society of radical diversity, solidarity and mutual respect. It’s urgent.


˝Die Dialogperspektiven haben mir einen intensiven Austausch mit Menschen verschiedenster religiöser Hintergründe, sowie inspirierende Einblicke in deren religiöse Praktiken ermöglicht. Aus den persönlichen Begegnungen mit den anderen Teilnehmer*innen ist ein Verbundenheitsgefühl entstanden, welches weit über den Projektzeitraum hinaus trägt. Die positiven Erfahrungen in den Dialogperspektiven haben mein Interesse befördert, mich als Künstler mit spirituellen Fragen auseinanderzusetzen, Kunstwerke auch in religiösen Kontexten auszustellen und damit im interreligiösen Austausch aktiv zu sein.

Julian, Teilnehmer der Dialogperspektiven