Maximiliane Linde

Maximiliane Linde holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Religious Studies from the University of Münster and is the founder and current head of the programme “Religion and Foreign Politics” at Polis180, a Grassroots-Think-Tank on European and Foreign Affairs. She is studying International Relations in Berlin. Her academic focus lies on peace and conflict studies, peacebuilding and international conflict resolution, gender as a category of analysis and the role of religion in international relations. Her studies are supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

She was a participant of DialoguePerspectives for two years and started working as a freelancer for the programme in 2019.  She further gained practical experience on the intersection of religion and politics as an intern at the division Religion & Foreign Policy at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

˝Gerade in einer zunehmend säkularen Gesellschaft ist es wichtig, dass Menschen mit verschiedenen religiösen und weltanschaulichen Identitäten zusammenkommen, um gemeinsam ihr Bedürfnis nach Spiritualität der breiten Öffentlichkeit nahezubringen.

Nathan, Teilnehmer der Dialogperspektiven