Armelle Chatelier

Armelle Chatelier is the Press and Communications Officer at the Foundation for the Memory of Slavery in Paris. She is a historian by training and has participated in numerous cultural studies research projects on African urban cultures and the history of French colonial representations. She has furthermore worked as a cultural engineer in France, West Africa and the Caribbean in the fields of heritage, culture and digital technology with experience in publishing, audio-visual, training and multiple cultural and memory projects.

˝Dialogperspektiven hat mir Berührungsängste genommen. Und gezeigt, dass es Wege gibt einen respektvollen Austausch zu haben ohne in die "Friede-Freude-Eierkuchen-Falle" zu tappen. Diese Erfahrungen haben mir privat und beruflich sehr geholfen! Danke Dialogperspektiven!

Nina, Teilnehmerin der Dialogperspektiven