Ausschreibung zur Teilnahme am Dialogperspektiven Programm 2021/22

Join a unique European network of future decision makers!

Seize the chance to shape the shared life of different religious communities in Europe,and our shared European society!

You are a student or doctoral candidate in the European Union or the UK? You are active in the campus life, your religious community, or in civil society organisations and institutions?You are interested in questions about the role of religions and worldviews? You believe in the importance of inclusive and innovative inter-religious and worldview dialogue?You are seeking exchange and encounters with students and doctoral candidates from other countries and with a diversity of identities? You would like to get involved in a unique network of future change-agents for inter-religious and worldview dialogue?

Then apply for the DialoguePerspectives programme!

Come and grapple with questions of religious, political, and societal plurality of European society with us. Formulate shared goals, forge new alliances, and get engaged with us: Against racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, anti-feminism and queer- and transphobia and for a pluralistic European society!

Apply for the DialoguePerspectives Programme!

As a participant of DialoguePerspectives, you will take part in the following three events:

  • Autumn Seminar 2021 “Towards a pluralistic European culture of remembrance: Navigating the narratives, memories and histories that shape European communities“ October 6th—10th 2021, Potsdam/Germany & Berlin/Germany
  • Spring Seminar 2022 “Luxembourg—religious diversity and the socio-political responsibility of religious communities in the centre of Europe” March 23rd—27th 2022, Luxembourg
  • International Conference 2022 June 16th—19th 2022, Berlin/Germany

We kindly request to complete the online form and submit the following application materials by August 15th 2021 as PDF documents:

  1. Letter of motivation (max. one page)
  2. CV
  3. Enrolment certification from your university


Please note:
A requirement for applying to the programme is your binding participation in the entire seminar programme (autumn seminar 2021, spring seminar 2022, and the international conference 2022). Please check these dates in advance. We will issue certificates of participation that you can submit to your university.


Please address any questions on the application process to

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˝Warum das Dialogperspektivenforum (für mich) so wichtig ist? – Weil ich finde, dass es unerlässlich ist, informiert zu sein, um Vorurteile zu überwinden und den anderen so zu verstehen, wie er sich versteht, um überhaupt miteinander ins Gespräch zu kommen. Wesentlich ist für mich dabei die Begegnung mit Menschen unterschiedlicher religiöser, weltanschaulicher oder auch politischer Prägung; denn ich bin überzeugt, dass nur in der Begegnung Dialog entstehen kann und Vorurteile überwunden werden können, dass nur so ein konstruktives Miteinander relaisiert werden kann.

Katharina, Teilnehmerin der Dialogperspektiven