10th Annual Muslim Jewish Conference

We are excited to be attending this year’s Muslim Jewish Conference! Alongside other European initiatives DialoguePerspectives and MJC are founding members of the European Institute for Dialogue, a coalition of European civil society organisations for coexistence and tolerance through intercultural and inter belief engagement.

Starting next week the MJC will gather up to 100 participants to discuss topics of concern for Muslim and Jewish youth. The main conference goals are to provide the next generation with a learning experience for life and a positive outlook for establishing intercultural relations and sustaining Muslim-Jewish partnerships.

The Muslim Jewish Conference is a dialogue and leadership organisation for students and young professionals, bringing together important representatives and young leadership from Muslim and Jewish communities and beyond. The MJC is an innovative and progressive educational non-profit organisation based in Austria. It wants to deepen interest in, and evoke curiosity for, intercultural communication and interfaith issues, in particular Muslim-Jewish relations. The MJC seeks to expand its visibility and extend its vibrant network of dialogue and intercultural communication in order to move closer to its goal of becoming a global think tank for Muslim-Jewish interests.

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˝Dialogperspektiven hat mir Berührungsängste genommen. Und gezeigt, dass es Wege gibt einen respektvollen Austausch zu haben ohne in die "Friede-Freude-Eierkuchen-Falle" zu tappen. Diese Erfahrungen haben mir privat und beruflich sehr geholfen! Danke Dialogperspektiven!

Nina, Teilnehmerin der Dialogperspektiven